How Marking Works for The Good Cashmere Standard®

The Good Cashmere Standard® (GCS) offers a unique marking system that ensures greater transparency and traceability throughout the textile chain. Through its partnership with Tailorlux GmbH and its IntegriTEX® system, GCS enables its trading partners to make their certified raw cashmere directly traceable by marking the wool fibres. We address the most frequently asked questions below.

What is IntegriTEX®?

IntegriTEX® is a system for marking textiles and textile fibres. It builds on Tailor-Safe®, a product-protection system by Tailorlux that can be used in court.

How does IntegriTEX® work?

The technology is based on luminescent materials. Each marker is individually manufactured and bears a unique fingerprint. Markers are integrated into the cashmere during the first processing stage after the harvest, becoming an integral part of the fibres.

How are the markers integrated into the fabric?

The luminescent pigments (materials that emit light) are manufactured by Tailorlux and ground to a specific size. At between 2 and 5 μm, they are significantly smaller than the cashmere fibres, allowing them to be firmly integrated and inseparably bound together.

How durable are the markers?

IntegriTEX® pigments survive all stages of industrial processing. Neither mechanical, thermal, nor chemical factors (e.g. during dyeing) change the properties of the pigments. Due to the strength of the bond, it is not possible to wash out or dissolve the pigments without destroying the fibres.

Are any of the utilised materials dangerous?

No, the markers are toxicologically harmless and chemically inert, meaning that they do not form compounds with other materials. They can be worn against the skin without posing any risk.

How can the markers be detected?

With a compact, handheld sensor, finding out whether a product is marked is a matter of seconds. An algorithm checks whether the detected light spectrum matches the spectral fingerprint of the reference sample.

Can the markers be counterfeited?

No, the utilised materials are highly complex and must be manufactured in just the right way. In addition, the evaluation algorithm is encrypted, and only Tailorlux equipment can authenticate the markers.

What are the advantages of marking?

IntegriTEX® allows every textile item to be traced back to its origin. The physical evidence it provides offers you the best possible assurance of quality and of environmental and social standards throughout the value and supply chains. The system protects you from counterfeiting and from spurious claims and complaints, including in the event of a fire.

What is the concentration of the marker?

A concentration of around 100 ppm (parts per million) is sufficient for reliable marking.

Watch here how the Marking works

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