New partnership with the Danish brand EARRES

Hamburg, 11 September 2020. The Good Cashmere Standard® (GCS) is expanding its network of cooperation partners and brands by cooperating with the company EARRES. The Danish brand is the first start-up to become a partner of GCS. As part of the new cooperation, EARRES is developing its own products, which will be launched in selected stores this autumn.

EARRES is a Danish clothing brand offering sustainable, eco-friendly garments, that have been ethically crafted meeting people’s high expectations with regards to transparency and integrity criteria regarding animal welfare. EARRES’ believe is, that developing a sense of responsibility towards earth, is key to live in harmony with nature.

The founder Ida Earres, says “By being a certified partner of The Good Cashmere Standard and offering cashmere products crafted under the standard, we are meeting our core values of being sustainable to the environment and ethical to animals and humans. I am very delighted to partner with AbTF, and to be a part of creating a better cashmere story by making GCS certified garments with a transparent supply chain while improving the lives of cashmere goats and farmers.”

About The Good Cashmere Standard® and Aid by Trade Foundation
The Good Cashmere Standard® by AbTF is an independent standard for sustainably produced cashmere wool. Developed in 2019 in close collaboration with animal-welfare specialists and independent cashmere-production experts, its goal is to improve the wellbeing of the cashmere goats and the working conditions of the farmers as well as the environment in which they live. The standard currently focuses on the framework conditions for cashmere production in Inner Mongolia. It is administered by Hamburg-based Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF), founded by Prof. Dr. Michael Otto in 2005.

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